Week 3 with the Makerbot Replicator

So heres what I have learned in the last weeks. The three weeks since the Makerbot arrived in my high school tech classroom.

  • students will cut class to watch the makerbot print
  • students previously not interested in computer graphics will learn on their own time just to create a design to print
  • some folks view it as magic
  • some view it as a toy maker…or just a toy
  • 3d printing makes the object worth little and transfers the value to the design. My four year old already gets this.
  • And now on to the practical and technical:

  • there is a lot to learn and you must be ready to tinker and fiddle.
  • don’t buy one if you aren’t a patient soul. The tech isn’t there. Yet.
  • set the hbp to 109 degrees for larger objects.
  • rafts work but aren’t always needed for smaller objects.
  • as stated my many makerbot vets: a feedrate of around 30 is a sweet spot between speed and resolution
  • 20120528-203204.jpg


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