3d printing and Halloween – class project ideas

Fall landed quickly here at school.  Last Tuesday it was 100 degrees in the neighborhood; by Friday it was in the low 70’s.  That’s fall in NorCal.

Any class with making at its heart will turn to Halloween as the focus of the next project.  Here are the ideas that I’m working with:

1. a Halloween blinky or led light.  Students will design a pin or decorative design that incorporates a Halloween theme and the simple components (led, button battery, switch) to make a it blink. Something like this led heart: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1828

2. Halloween costume components: what can you print and wear?  Devil Horns?  Harry Potter glasses? Half a throwing star stuck in your forehead?  Some accessory that goes with your costume?

3. Halloween decorations: ghosts, pumpkins, skeletons.  This opens up the work to pieces that are less linear and more organic.  Perhaps small enough to give away to trick or treaters.  Or big enough to impress.

I’m leaning toward the led project. The final design will require the measurement and inclusion of material such as the battery and led. This means caliper work.  And integrating objects that don’t exist just in the design software.

Final images will appear here.  Stay tuned!


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