Class project: future phone

The final project for my graphics class: design and 3d print a future phone. I’m still framing the full description and will share it when done. The phones will be prototyped on a Makerbot and the screens/keyboards, etc will be printed on paper and glued as needed.

Here’s where I would appreciate your help.

I’m curious as to what features you desire in the next generation of phones. Or what features need to go away. Ideas about shape, form, display and material are also appreciated. Your ideas will help to guide our work and to help students in need in need of some brainstorming grease.

Feel free to drop your ideas in the comments below or reply to me on twitter @rpmteacher. Thanks.


Attention teachers – the Make Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing

Attention teachers: thinking about 3D printing in your classroom?  Then this is for YOU.

The folks at Make Magazine will be releasing their 2012 Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing.  Given the close association between Make and 3D printing I think that this will be a valuable resource to anyone looking to bring 3D printing into their classroom.

The folks at Make brought 16 printers into their labs and ran them through a series of torture and beauty tests.  Read on or just skip to the bottom and watch a great video preview of the special edition. Continue reading

Form 1: 3D printing innovation (and it’s been funded!)

Kickstarter has at least twenty projects related to 3D printing – companies, plastics, design tools as well as printers.

The creators of the FORM 1 printer are among this group.  They are also a stand out in the crowded space of 3D printing:

  • FORM 1 uses stereolithography instead of extrusion or reductive printing.  A laser activates the polymer material and hardens it into the desired shape.   This method typically offers far more detail than extrusion (Makerbot) printing
  • they are designed by a team that has origins with the MIT Media Lab
  • FORM 1’s Kickstarter goal of $100,000 has been funded to $2,945,885
  • promised deliver dates in 2013

It looks like their product is Continue reading