Guns and 3d printing – my take

This past weekend I worked a 3d printing booth at my kids’ elementary school carnival.  It was wonderful to watch scores of 6 to 10 year olds creating in Tinkercad.  I’m still catching up on printing their work.

Defense-Distributed-Liberator-3D-printed-gun-by-Cody-WilsonWhy it’s in the news again: While the kids’ were building the parents wanted to talk 3d printing.  Guns and 3d printing.  Senator Schumer (D-NY) is seeking an extension to the 25 year old Undetectable Weapons Act.  This act bans manufacturers from creating weapons that are undetectable by metal detectors.  The frequently referenced 3d printed Liberator handgun plans do include provisions for the owner to install a metal slug thus making the weapon detectable. That bit of the installation process is in control of the builder.  And the folks at Defense Distributed aren’t the only producers of 3d printed plans for guns or gun parts.

I’ve been using a Makerbot Replicator dual for a year and a half and Continue reading


Alternatives to the “3d printed gun” thread

3d printed guns are in the news again.  It goes like this:

“Hey I heard you have a 3d printer.  Have you printed a gun yet?” Yawn.

So I offer you these cool stories to turn the conversation back to 3d printing greatness.  Then you can say, “Yeah the 3d printed gun is something but have you heard about…” Continue reading

What can a 3d printer do in a classroom?

The benefits of bringing a 3D printer into your classroom can be real and immediate.  And I will get to them.  But first a word: patience.  You have to give yourself and your students the freedom to be patient with the process and the machine.

created in tinkercad1. Common core and 3d printing – in the California Common Core Standards for Geometry item #4 is “Model with mathematics”.  So much of my conversation around 3d modeling using everyday geometric terminology.  On the first day of our work with Tinkercad (cloud based 3d modeling)  I show students how to free rotate an object or to rotate it in increments of 45 degrees. 

There is also a significant need for  Continue reading

London 3D Print Show – Day 1

I should have arranged for a class field trip to the show.

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Autodesk and Cosmo Wenman at the London 3D Print Show

The London 3D Print Show kicked off today with a great crowd and some wonderful exhibitors!  We were proud to show off Cosmo Wenman’s work using 123D Catch, it generated a lot of excitement and we’re looking forward to the next couple of days.

After a long, busy one at the show today, we attended their first annual 3D Print Awards and were so excited to hear 123D Creature named as the Best Online/App-Based Service!  It was an honor to accept on behalf of the 123D Creature team and it only proves how awesome our users are that are making such great models using their iPads.

Stay tuned as we post more pictures!

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