MakerBot stole my idea. And I’m thrilled.

The folks at MakerBot announced three new machines at CES 2014.  I will be posting about their value and use in the classroom shortly.  But I couldn’t wait to pat myself on the back.

They stole one of my ideas.  And I couldn’t be happier.

makerbot 3.5 inch displayWay back in October 2012 I posted my classroom 3d printer feature wishlist.  Item #3 asks for a preview window to display the design that will be printed. MakerBot’s 5th gen machine sports a 3.5 inch display that is light years ahead of the four line LCD.  Not only does the display provide machine status and control it will also show a preview of the design prior to printing.  Very helpful for the busy classroom teacher managing multiple print runs.  Plus it’s mounted on the top of the machine for easy viewing.

And yes I’m sure lots of folks had this feature on their wishlist.  Seriously, MakerBot, this is a great feature and I’m looking forward to a full hands on.  Now let’s talk about bringing back the conveyor belt…


One thought on “MakerBot stole my idea. And I’m thrilled.

  1. i’m glad Makerbot started focusing on the user experience, the new line of desktop 3d printers might be a milestone of the domestic 3d printing revolution. although I still think they’re a little bit overpriced… only 1 extruder with 100 micron resolution for almost 3000?! there are way much better machines for the half prices, just think about the Leapfrog or the Solidoodle…

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