Class project: future phone

The final project for my graphics class: design and 3d print a future phone. I’m still framing the full description and will share it when done. The phones will be prototyped on a Makerbot and the screens/keyboards, etc will be printed on paper and glued as needed.

Here’s where I would appreciate your help.

I’m curious as to what features you desire in the next generation of phones. Or what features need to go away. Ideas about shape, form, display and material are also appreciated. Your ideas will help to guide our work and to help students in need in need of some brainstorming grease.

Feel free to drop your ideas in the comments below or reply to me on twitter @rpmteacher. Thanks.


3d scanning app in the classroom

Autodesk’s new app for the iPhone is intriguing.  It’s called 123d Catch.  It’s mission is to help you to scan an object in 3d and then convert the scan so that it can be printed.  Yes, in 3d using a printer like the Makerbot or RepRap…or one of many.

Here’s Autodesk’s offical video:

You’ll notice that the boy continues to refine his scan using the desktop app.  That’s an important part of the process.  In my limited use, I’ve found that the app picks up artifacts (blobs) during the scan that require some work to smooth over.  I’m still working on it.

But the potential in the classroom is huge.  Ideas:
-for a tech class, scan a human and put their face on a custom action figure, create a statue, create a custom award, blend two scanned objects together
-art class – visit a museum and scan works to be viewed in the 3d back at school
-science – scan a molecule and print it out!

If you have other classroom ideas for this promising new app just drop a comment below.  Meanwhile, I will keep perfecting my technique with 123d Catch and post an update soon.

3D printing in the classroom: brainstorming

Our classroom MakerBot Replicator arrived last May so my students and I barely scratched the surface of 3D printing.  Since then I’ve been brainstorming about 3D printing assignments and projects.  Here’s my list so far.  Keep in mind that most of these will see the light of day in a classroom this fall.  I make no guarantees.

Your ideas and feedback are appreciated.  12 ideas so far… Continue reading